Middle East/Arabic Weddings

Arab / Middle East weddings are known for their grandeur and over the top celebrations. Arab weddings are fun and are exquisite in their own. Dancing is a fundamental element and Arab music is generally as grand as the hearts of the people
We are proud to have in our team one of the most talented specialist D.J. in this music genre in Greece. Carrying a detailed library of Arabic music from all regions of the Middle-East and combining that with state-of-the-art sound and lighting, we offer a recipe for an exceptional event your friends and family will remember.
We wholeheartedly embrace wedding cultural traditions of the Middle East such as grand entrances, big crowds , colourful reception, fabulous party, long-winded speeches.
A mandatory aspect, for most Arab couples, we love to organise is the Zaffa, the wedding procession, which escorts the Bride or the couple into the reception area , creating a spectacular entrance , featuring 2-4 drummers dressed in traditional costumes.This show can be personalised to all different Arabic traditions : Arabic Zaffa & Dabke Group , Egyptian Zaffa, Lebanese & Jordan Dabke, Syrian Aradha and Palestinian Dabke