Lebanese Wedding Events

Minimalists the Lebanese are not, rather Lebanese Weddings are a spectacular extravaganza! There is no such thing as less is more, the bigger the bolder, the grander the better! Lebanese Weddings are a true celebration of two families becoming one. A certain degree of stamina is required for a Lebanese Wedding as they can go on for a loooong time. In fact, the festivities commence long before the actual Wedding!
It’s not a Lebanese Wedding if there’s no dancing. In fact there’s so much dancing at a Lebanese Wedding . We suggest to prepare yourself with a nanna nap and some sturdy shoes prior to heading to one.
It’s important to choose an entertainment company that understands Lebanese cultural requirements and is happy to work with you to meet your needs to create a perfect night.Our team will work closely with you to help make your dreams come true ! Fully personalised music set with Lebanese songs , Greek hits that Lebanese people always love to dance at and of course modern western tunes .In fact, we always succeed and make sure that the entire reception centres around the numerous times we get everyone out on the dance floor!
We also provide at request, an extravagant warm up to the big party ‘Zaffe’ , a quintessential element to any Lebanese Wedding. Both Bride and Groom making a Loud and elaborate entrance surrounded by cultural Drummers in special dresses. In addition to the traditional ‘Zaffe’ we may also incorporate in the show traditional or belly dancers , Greek music band , international cover band etc.