Bistro – Fairy – Festoon Lights ideas

Professional lighting will add a whole new dimension to your event. It will enhance your venue, transforming it into a romantic and intimate environment.
It can be used to create specific atmospheres, place emphasis on details and create the perfect mood for a party.
Nothing sets the mood for your wedding quite like lighting. From twinkling string lights, to luminous pin spotting and spectacular moving heads, the right lighting is more than just functional — it also emphases your wedding’s style and creates an unforgettable ambiance. Illumination is everything when it comes to elevating an ordinary space into something extraordinary.
When selecting your lighting, keep in mind that it not only contributes to the wedding’s atmosphere, but also acts as décor.Plan the reception lighting with the same attention you give other details of your wedding.
Good wedding lighting can also help your photographer capture the most stunning details and moments of the big day — from snaps that showcase the mood of your wedding, to stills of the gorgeous intimate details, to romantic portraits of you and your guests lovingly silhouetted against flickering lights.