Location: Yalos Santorini

Description of Venue : There is no doubting that the biggest phenomenon of this year in Santorini  has been the return of theoutdoor parties at Aegialos Beach with hundrent of guests dancing to electronic dance music's summer hits, on the dance floor , on the tables, in the sand , in the sea .. Practically everywhere!!This location is situated arguably in one of the most idyllic spots of Santorini , 2 miles from Fira Capital , facing the Aegean sea .Those were definately the ultimate beach parties of the year, as they managed to find that fine balance between dance club,bar, and beach. Of course, Aegialos is not new ,  it's actually one of those places that's been around longbefore and operates during day time  as a restaurant with delicate local tastes . https://www.facebook.com/Aegialos?fref=ts

The music style was cool at start and then getting really upbeat with underground and house electronic vibes to be played outof the impressive Crown - JBL  soundsystem set up by Multimedia Events. and skilled d.j.'s  from Guests such as  Siopis , George Siras , JMP , Freespirit , Mikele and resident  as Konstantino Scape ,Apostolos , Jacob Santo  , NikDak etc. Definitely a 'must-do' in the party calendar of each music event fun in Santorini ! Watch photos and Videos below to see with your own eyes!!